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Vault Door Level II 80 x 36 x 6 Out-Swing

  • $ 2,449.00
  • Save $ 450

This door measures 80" high x 36" wide x 6" thick wall


made in USA


Door Security
New Anti-Pry Tabs
Internal release handle
1-1/4" Thick composite door with 10 gauge steel in front and back
14 ct 1-1/2" locking bolts
Sargent and Greenleaf spy-proof lock with key
3 prong handle
180° door swing Removable door
1" 60 HRA hardplate (drilling protection)
Spring-loaded relocking system
Shear-off handle
Fire Rating
1500° F for 45 minutes
Internal temperature under 350°
Type X-gypsum fire board
Single expandable fire gasket
Long lasting texture paint
Choice of chrome with silver pinstriping or brass with gold pinstriping 
Seven colors to choose from

Choice of color


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