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Rifle Gun Safes

The Best Protection for Your Rifles
Rifles are potentially dangerous objects, and they can cause serious injury or death if they are not properly handled. It is essential that you keep your rifles in a safe place, so that they will not end up in the hands of children and other unauthorized people.

Unsafe Storage Devices
Many gun owners choose to keep their rifles on gun racks and in wooden gun cabinets. Although these storage devices can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, they do not provide the best protection for your rifles. If an intruder breaks into your home, he can easily retrieve your rifles and use them to threaten you. The only way to make sure that your rifles will not fall into the wrong hands is to get a rifle gun safe.

Homeland Safes Rifle Gun Safes
Homeland Security is one of the most trusted names in gun safe manufacturing. It has three different rifle gun safes for you to choose from, including the Level II, Level V, and Level VII. These safes come in one standard size, which is 60” x 30” x 27”, and they have a rifle storage capacity of 12 to 24. They are constructed with the toughest materials and the latest technology, and they can withstand great physical force and heat, and deter the most highly skilled thieves.

Fireproof Rifle Gun Safes
With fire ratings ranging from 1200 degrees for 30 minutes to 2300 degrees for 60 minutes, they can keep your rifles and valuables in perfect condition even if the house is on fire. The Level V and Level VII models have a two-step fire door to provide extra protection against fire. Homeland Security rifle safes come with a 60 rockwell steel plate that provides unparalleled protection against drilling, anti-theft handle mechanism, S&G spy-proof lock, and two relocking devices, making it impossible for unauthorized people to gain access to your rifles. If you want maximum security, you can opt for the Level VII model, which is equipped with top and bottom bolts.

The rifle gun safes of Homeland Security feature a combine interior, with one compartment for rifle storage and several smaller compartments for ammo, handguns, accessories, and other items. The entire interior is carpeted to provide scratch-free storage for your rifles. These rifle safes are very reasonably priced, and they offer better value for money than most other rifles safes that are available in the market.